isola Bella
History of Isola Bella

The History of Isola Bella

Tucked in the lovely Berkshire Mountains on Twin Lakes in Salisbury, Connecticut, Isola Bella (“beautiful island” in Italian) has served as a summer camp for generations of Deaf children since 1964. It has a long and fascinating history dating back to the Native Americans who called one of the two lakes (the east lake), where the island is located, Washining, which means “laughing water.” The island was bequeathed to the American School for the Deaf through the generosity of Muriel and Ferrari Ward, who were members of the ASD Board of Directors.


As the first recorded human inhabitants, the Native Americans of the Mattapacook Nation took refuge in the Housatonic Valley and cleared much of the fertile land for growing corn. In 1732, only the Native Americans and a few Dutch families lived in Salisbury, which was still a primitive wilderness.



The Mattapacook tribe, as was true for most Native Americans, had a traditional view of land ownership, believing that land was not something to be owned but rather for all people to use. Therefore, the Dutch were able to persuade the Native Americans to sign over their land. Initially, the Native Americans and the Dutch settlers lived side by side in harmony. However, the settlers with large families started encroaching upon the Native Americans’ hunting grounds and cornfields.


Since the Mattapacooks did not have “legal” rights to their property, bribery was used to settle disputes. Eventually, they moved away to regain their traditional way of life or seek better opportunities. The families who remained gradually became extinct.


Eliphalet Whittlesey was the first recorded owner of the island. He and his brother John Whittlesey settled both west and east of the twin lakes after the Revolutionary War. The island passed hands a few times and was eventually sold to Edward Rodgers of Philadelphia on November 27, 1867, for $500.


In the early years, the trees were cleared on the island to grow grain and create a pasture for grazing cows. Then farming was discontinued, and trees were replanted.


After Edward Rodgers’ death, the island was sold to the Twin Lakes Land and Improvement Association located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in 1891 for $2000. A year later, the island, then known as Bishop Island, was sold for $2500 to the forty members of Camp Riga Club. Under the club bylaws, the members could not buy other members’ shares in ownership of the island, and that when only two of the original buyers survived, they would become the owners.


By 1906, John T. Alvord and David Reed were the only two survivors. Alvord bought Reed’s share, becoming the sole owner of the twenty-nine-acre island. John Alvord passed away in 1924 and conveyed the ownership of the island to his brother, George Alvord, who willed it to his daughter, Muriel, in 1925.


In 1912 John Alvord built the island’s iconic landmark, the stone tower, which was likely inspired by similar towers in Europe, possibly one on the northern Italian island of Isola Bella on Lago Maggiore. In 1930, his brother, George Alvord, built the two-story house with a forty-foot tower, Onondaga, now known as The Camphouse. It contains a sizable kitchen, a cathedral ceiling in the dining room, large fireplaces, a screened porch, an expansive patio, and seven bedrooms. The window niche in the dining room has a stained-glass reproduction of the Alvord family crest.


After Muriel Alvord inherited the island, she built a boathouse on the island’s eastern side and a floating boathouse anchored near the tower. In the mid-1930s, she decided to build a causeway (road) to the island, and because the Alvord family owned the mainland property on the land opposite the island, she was able to secure permission to build it. People in the community were strongly opposed to the construction of the causeway because it interrupted the natural flow and tide of the lake. Even today, the residents resent it because they see it as damaging the lake’s ecosystem and hastening stagnation.


Muriel, an accomplished landscape artist, built the second house in 1940 to serve as her refuge and studio. It has gable-styled roofs and sides with stone and cedar materials. In addition to the studio, the house has six bedrooms, a laundry, a butler’s pantry, a large attic, a patio, and three screened porches. Her artwork can still be seen on the walls. The house is now commonly referred to as the Superintendent House.


Muriel married Ferrari Ward, a mechanical engineer from Hartford, and they resided in West Hartford. Through her husband’s friendship with Dr. Edmund Boatner, they took an active interest in the American School for the Deaf. In 1959, Muriel was the first woman to be elected to the ASD board of directors. She passed away in 1960 at age 60 after a few years of marriage. Her will denoted that her husband would have life use of the island and her wish was to give the property to the American Humane Education Society of Boston, Massachusetts, possibly reflecting her interest in animals as one of the two founders of a shelter for dogs and cats (The Little Guild) in West Cornwall, Connecticut. The will also directed Ferrari to designate a tax-exempt corporation to receive the island if the American Humane Society declined to operate and maintain the island. Fortunately for ASD, the American Humane Society did just that, and Ferrari reached an agreement with ASD that, upon his death, the island would be conveyed to the school.


The American School for the Deaf entered an agreement that they would maintain and operate the island for “greatest usefulness for the education of the deaf” and as a wildlife refuge. If the school could not run the island for the purposes stated, the property would be turned over to the Town of Salisbury or to a tax-exempt organization that would protect the wildlife and promote the conservation of nature. ASD also agreed to continue the employment of Primo Zucco as caretaker until his seventieth birthday and permit him use of the house on the mainland for the remainder of his life.


Ferrari Ward died in 1963, at age sixty-one, after a long illness. In 1964, the American School for the Deaf established the summer camp program and has operated it for Deaf children for over 55 years. Camp Isola Bella has welcomed campers not only from ASD and mainstreamed programs in Connecticut but from all over the country.


And shouts of laughter can still be heard and seen throughout the island on Twin Lakes.


Camp Isola Bella

Camp Isola Bella 

Since 1964, the scenic island with the iconic stone tower on Twin Lakes in Salisbury, Connecticut, has been a summer camp retreat for many Deaf children. A long dirt road starting from the mainland leads past the playground, across the causeway bridge with the famous “bump” that campers love, through the birch and pine trees and views of the lake on both sides to an exciting and unforgettable experience at Isola Bella.

Over the years, Camp Isola Bella has offered a wide range of land-based recreational activities such as archery, camping, cooperative games, arts & crafts, and waterfront activities such as swimming, waterskiing, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking on the beloved Twin Lakes. Campers look forward to field trips to Bash Bish Falls, Bear Mountain, Mount Greylock, Macedonia Brook State Park, and Mount Everett. They also enjoy trips to Lake Compounce, Quassy Park, and Six-Flags New England. One popular activity on the island is the Four Squares game on the porch of the Camp House. Banquet Nights along with skits end each camp session with laughter and fond memories.

The Camp House, also known as Onondaga, serves as the dining room/kitchen, infirmary, and staff sleeping quarters. Rustic cabins named Oneida, Mohawk, Seneca, and Cayuga are used to sleep campers with Wigwam and Tepee as lavatories and showers. Nature studies are held at the woodshop north of the Camp House. The garage with the cupola and weathervane on the roof serves as the arts and crafts room.

Dr. Donald Moores, a former ASD principal and director of the Center for Studies in Education and Human Development at Gallaudet University served as the first camp director. Since then, there has been a total of 12 directors. Cindy Amadeo Paluch served the longest as camp director with twelve years and was the first female to run the camp in 1986.

In 1995, ASD participated in a fund-raising effort in Salisbury called the Isola Bella Festival that included local celebrities, Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Jill Clayburgh, and Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep as honorary chairperson. Kate Winslet, another Oscar-winning actress, has a home across the lake from Isola Bella and has been an active supporter of the camp.

During the late ’70s, Isola Bella served as the backdrop of an Irish Spring soap commercial briefly aired on national TV. The actress was filmed walking toward the causeway, saying, “It’s a beautiful day in Ireland.”

In 2004, the Tuscarora Pavilion was built on the south side of the Camp House to host large group activities, lectures, and movie nights during rainy days.

Camp Isola Bella is accredited by the American Camping Association and licensed by the Department of Public Health. While it primarily serves Deaf and hard-of-hearing children, the camp program has also opened its doors to children of Deaf Adults (KODA) and those with deaf siblings.

The tower has long been a treasured landmark for the residents who lived around the lake, and they often referred to it as the Alvord or Bat Tower. Over the years, the tower suffered from the erosion of the weather. Some of the stones on its exterior were becoming loose and falling into the lake, creating a safety concern. ASD Executive Director Edward Peltier proposed a partnership with the Twin Lakes Association to raise funds to restore the tower. The Twin Lakes Association supported the idea and raised over $100,000. The tower was restored to its original glory, and on August 10, 2013, a celebration was held to express appreciation for the Twin Lakes community.

ASD maintains a strong relationship with the Twin Lakes Association and works closely with them to share facilities for special events and ideas on preserving the Isola Bella properties. ASD Executive Director Jeff Bravin is currently a TLA board member and has announced plans for renovations to build space for more campers for the summer of 2022.

In 2000, Carl “Little Bear” Romano, an ASD graduate, carved a totem pole painted by the campers and erected next to the road leading up to the Camp House. The totem pole has the head of a bald eagle with its wings spread out, and when Carl completed the carving, he gave a blessing to the island. Since then, there has been an increased number of bald eagle sightings around the island. During the summer of 2014, a bald eagle nest was found near the Seneca and Cayuga cabins by the lake.

In 2014, former camp directors and staff members gathered at the island to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Camp Isola Bella, organized by Steve Borsotti, camp director at the time, and his staff. Attendees shared stories of their summers on the island, and the new Isola Bella logo was unveiled.

Every summer since 1964, campers and staff burn their names on handmade wood plaques hung in the Camp House’s dining room. Many former campers and staff members who visit the island delight in finding their names and others on the plaques.

Camp Isola Bella has been the site for numerous reunions and gatherings over the years. The ASD Alumni Association hosts its annual cookout there during the Homecoming weekend. Some years groups of bikers would stay the night on the island and ride to ASD during the Homecoming weekend.

For over 55 years, Camp Isola Bella has served as a place to learn and grow. It has enabled campers to develop a sense of identity, self-esteem, and confidence. Working at Camp Isola Bella has also encouraged staff members to broaden their work experience and advance their professions. Campers and staff members alike hold special memories of their time on the island, and for many of them, there is just no place like Isola Bella.

Camp Directors & Staff

Camp Isola Bella Directors & Staff  1964 – Current


Dr. Donald Moores (Director), Frank Asklar, Judy (Stein) Cronlund, Judy (Mezzanotte) Gilliam, Alex Gudalis, Jim McGill, Anna Marie Rinaldi, Bill Serry, Jonathan Twiss and Paulita Twomey 



Dr. Donald Moores (Director), Frank Asklar, Arthur Banks, Merle Dorfman, John (Miller)Feeney, Alexis Gudalis, Suzanne Hadsell, Diane (Kelpinski) Holte, Helen Hutchinson, John Jacobsen, Jane Kuzoian, Linda Levin, Jim McGill, John McGill, Jonathan Twiss and Paulita Twomey 



Dr. Donald Moores (Director), Frank Asklar, Arthur Banks, Ronald Barclay, Kateri Bennett, Alex Gudalis, Mary Lee Korey, Linda Levin, Jim McGill, John Murphy, Paulita Twomey and Marie (Davis) Williams 



Paul Peterson (Director), Al Couthen (Assistant Director), Frank Asklar, Arthur Banks, Ronald Barclay, Kay Beyers, Frank Casale, Carole Coughlin, Bernie Fairwood, Madeline Goldberg, Alex Gudalis, Mineo Hoshina, Nathie (Marbury) Couthen, Robert Nanny, Joyce Norman and Anna Marie Rinaldi 



Paul Peterson (Director), Al Couthen (Assistant Director), Wayne Arnold, Frank Asklar, Arthur Banks, Bryon Cantrell, Frank Casale, Joe Giordano, Alex Gudalis, George MacKinnon, Marjorie MacKinnon, Joyce Norman, Holly (Bye) North, Joann Swanson, Marie (Davis) Williams and Barbara (Stirling) Willigan 



Richard Dirst (Director), Al Couthen (Assistant Director), Frank Asklar, Robert Backofen, Arthur Banks, Ronald Barclay, Bernie Boucher, Bryon Cantrell, Jane (Mohrman) Charron, Stephanie Dirst, Alex Gudalis, John Jacobsen, George MacKinnon, Marjorie MacKinnon, Holly (Bye) North, Nancy Pratt and Barbara (Stirling) Willigan



Richard Dirst (Director), Al Couthen (Assistant Director), Frank Asklar, Robert Backofen,David Biskupiak, Jane (Mohrman) Charron, Stephanie Dirst, Alex Gudalis, John Jacobsen, Michael James, Kathy (DonAroma) Jenkelunas, Nancy (Keprios) Lindenberg, George MacKinnon, Marjorie MacKinnon, Holly (Bye) North, Barbara Pfeffer and Paul Tieger



Richard Dirst (Director), Al Couthen (Assistant Director), Frank Asklar, David Biskupiak, Jane (Mohrman) Charron, Stephanie Dirst, Alex Gudalis, John Jacobsen, Greg Joseph, Barbara Kowalozik, Cini Krutzky, John LeBlond, Chin, Heng, Lim, Nancy (Keprios) Lindenberg, George Ridley, Jr., JoAnne Robinson and Sue Tustin



Al Couthen (Director), Frank Asklar (Assistant Director), Brian Alles, David Biskupiak, Joe Giordano, Alex Gudalis, Patty Kolpa, John LeBlond, Nancy (Keprios) Lindenberg, Nathie (Marbury) Couthen, Sandra McLennon, Penny Parsons, George Ridley, Jr., JoAnne Robinson, John Silva and Nancy Zurek



Al Couthen (Director), Frank Asklar (Assistant Director), Beverly (Barham) Boateng, Sharon (Spainhour) Booker, Linda (Smith) Boyd, Hugh Farquhar, Alex Gudalis, Michael Hartman, Julie Hays, John King, Patty Kolpa, John LeBlond, Tony Lee, Nathie (Marbury) Couthen, Wayne Ramella, Shahry Shilati and Nancy Zurek



Al Darby (Director), Debbie (McNeil) Burian (Assistant Director), Carole Cangiano, Jane (Mohrman) Charron, Umberto Destefano, Pam DonAroma, Hugh Farquhar, Joe Giordano, Alex Gudalis, Mike Hartman, Michael James, Patty Kolpa, Ted Lord, June (Rothenberg) McMahon and Edward White



Al Darby (Director), Debbie (McNeil) Burian (Assistant Director), Leann Berg, Umberto Destefano, Pam DonAroma, Hugh Farquhar, Joe Giordano, Alex Gudalis, Michael James, Dennis Palka, Lev Recna, Susan (Stern) Searls, Darlene Borsotti, Albert Walla, Nancy Weinschenk, Edward White and Sylvia Wood



Al Darby (Director), Nancy Weinschenk (Assistant Director), Mary Jean (Hooke) Bluskas, Steve Borsotti, Tom Buell, Hugh Farquhar, Peter Gerner, Eddie Hill, Zoe Ann (Monheim) Kaminski, Denise (Laferriere) Paro, Lynn Stirling, Debbie (Buell) Stone, Barbara (Bailey) Valli, Edward White, Sylvia Wood and Carol Zurek



Wendell Duncan (Director), Nancy Weinschenk (Assistant Director), Mary Jean (Hooke) Bluskas, Steve Borsotti, Barbara Cassin, Hugh Farquhar, Susan Geist, Chris Healey, John King, Zoe Ann (Monheim) Kaminski, Max Malzkuhn, Charles Reisinger, Edward White, Nancy (MacKinnon) Whitney and Sylvia Wood



Wendell Duncan (Director), Max Malzkuhn (Assistant Director), Sylvia Wood (Assistant Director), Craig Beal, Pam Blake, Mary Jean (Hooke) Bluskas, Barbara Cassin, Tom Downes, Phoebe Fisher, Susan Geist, Peter Gerner, Frank Gionfriddo, Cindy (Dabbs) Lindenberger, Maria Marszalek and John Samuels



Wendell Duncan (Director), Eric Schroeder (Assistant Director), Craig Beal, Barbara Cassin, Anita Farquhar, Hugh Farquhar, Susan Geist, Peter Gerner, Frank Gionfriddo, Mark Gionfriddo, Alex Gudalis, Maria Marszalek, Jeff Mikishka, Mary Pacyna, Dennis Palka, Elizabeth Soronson and Terry Wilcox



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Eric Schroeder (Director), Hugh Farquhar (Assistant Director), Bob Burnside, Kevin Carley, Umberto Destefano, Siamak Gharabaghi, Rosemarie (Marrero) Greco, Bob Grindle, Mary Hanna, Maureen (Boyne) Nardozza, Mary Pacyna, Elizabeth Ringo, Kelly (Bishop) Ruszyk and Liz (Carley) Schroeder



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Alyssa Pecorino (Director), Caity (Cross-Hansen Snyder (Team Leader), Andrew Parker, Chris Joseph, Chrissy Cogswell, Derek Cerasoli, DT Bruno, Faye Frez-Albrecht, Francis Sorrentino, India Hitchcock, Jade Deming, Jamie Moore, Jennifer Harris, Kate Fetzer, Kyle Rosenberg, Lisa Kinsman, Tyler Von Oy



Alyssa Pecorino (Director), Caity (Cross-Hansen Snyder (Team Leader), Chris Joseph, Chris Sandlin, Denise Graziani, DT Bruno, Frances Sorrentino, Jennifer Glover, Jennifer Harris, Jeremy Michaud, Julia Barnes, Julie Croft, Lisa Kinsman, Marina Romkema, Miles Wilczynski, Nicholas Stanfield, Samantha Carney, Sarah Goolishian



Alyssa Pecorino (Director), Caity (Cross-Hansen Snyder (Team Leader), Alex Schofield, Annabel Peterson, Cayle O’Brien, Chris Joseph, Derek Cerasoli, Jennifer Harris, Jeremy Michaud, Joseph Mattiace, Julia Barnes, Julia LaFerrera, Lisa Kinsman, Luis Burgos, Michael Slane, Michaela Borstel, Sami Vayo, Zach Holcomb



Alyssa Pecorino (Director), David Guardino (Assistant Director), Brianna Packer, Cayle O’Brien, Clayton Ide, Dalton Taylor, Gabriele Levesque, Greta Surprenant, Hanna Ferm, Heather Hall, Javier Santana, Jeremy Michaud, Joey Caverly, Josephy Mattiace, Karianna Montalvo, Lisa Kinsman, Mariel Becker, Michael Slane, Napoleon Langston, Nicholas Stanfield, Scott Robinson



David Guardino (Director), Alex Schofield, Ayden Carrier, Beth Whitlow, Brie Packer-McCarthy, Clayton Ide, Deanna Phillips, Derek Cerasoli, Hanley Martinez, Isabella Walker, Jeremy Michaud, Kaneisha Alexis, Katherine Griffin, Lisa Kinsman, Michael Slane, Miia Zelner, Nicholas Stanfield, Sarah Todd, Scott Robinson

The list was compiled by Steve Borsotti.


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