2003 ASD Soccer Varsity Team

Standing, left to right: Coach Shahry Shilati, Tim Head Jr., Jason Shilati, Pierre Turner, Joshua Howe, Leo Casella, Camilo Salinas, Jose Feliciano, Mark Mohan, Joan-Manuel Espinal, Jesus Arroyo, Kyle Perusse, Darrin Barros, Donald Schools, Kevin Wallace, Irman Sarfani, and Assistant Coach Hiram Arroyo

Kneeling, left to right: Daniel Salazar, Joel Soto, and Matthew Goyette

Head Coach: Shahry Shilati

Assistant Coach: Hiram Arroyo

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2003 ASD Junior Varsity Soccer Team

Kneeling, First row, left to right: Allison Heron. Jeremy Albright, Michael Singh, Bryam Ricart, Chad Wiernicki, Ryan Hastings, Richard Tylinski, Anthony Russo, and Nicholas Barbone. 

Standing, 2nd row, left to right: Coach Shane Bryant, Michael Vogel, Pedro Torres, Jose Feliciano, Mark Mohan, Sourab Kochhar, Brent Bastien, Connell McLaurin, Cory Coombs, Tim Head Jr., Manager Juanita. Soto, and Assistant Erik Larson. 

Head Coach: Shane Bryant

Assistant Coach: Erik Larson

2003 ASD Soccer Scoreboard

Win 11, Lost 3, Total Games: 14

ASD                                         Opp
3              Hartford                  0
4     The Learning Center     0
8              VT Austine             1
1            Marvelwood             3
4            Emmanuel               5
6                  RISD                   0
11             Lexington              2
1               McDuffie               3
5                  RISD                   1
4                 MKSD                  0
3                  NYSD                  0
5               Oxford                   1
1             VT Austine              0
9                  NYSD                     1
3              Watkinson             4

Soccer Game

Left to right: Daniel Salazar and Kyle Perusse

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