May 27, 1951
Sunday Courant Hartford, Conn.
“ASD Juniors Plant Class Tree One Year Early”

Class of 1935, Arbor Day

On Friday morning, April 26, at 11:30 o’clock the classes of Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard and Mrs. LaVerne Taylor went to Wheeler Park to plant trees in honor of Arbor Day. Filomena Flamio signed the Governor’s Arbor Day Proclamation and Mabel Phelon gave it orally.

On the morning of Friday, April 26th, at 11:30 AM, the classes led by Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard, along with Mrs. LaVerne Taylor, gathered at Wheeler Park to partake in tree-planting activities in celebration of Arbor Day. Filomena Flamio officially signed the Governor’s Arbor Day Proclamation, while Mabel Phelon delivered it verbally. Jack Marino contributed by signing the poem “Trees,” and Joseph Perfetto shared a quotation from Henry Van Dyke.

During the event, Mrs. Taylor’s class planted two majestic Hovey Arbor Vitae trees on either side of the porch steps of the Log Cabin. Mrs. Bouchard’s class engaged in planting an elm tree and a Colorado Blue Spruce across from the Log Cabin, while Mr. Bouchard’s class focused on planting a Blue Colorado Spruce. Additionally, Mrs. Taylor’s class planted a Black Oak tree near the bridge, which had grown from an acorn they had planted during their time in Mr. Bouchard’s class. To mark each tree, markers were carefully placed in the ground.

Capturing the memorable Arbor Day exercises, Mr. Bouchard documented the event by filming videos.

Joseph Perfetto, as attributed in the quote, provided the information shared about this wonderful Arbor Day initiative.



1946, ASD History Dogwood Tree
Pal’s Burial





For the ASDAA 50th Anniversary (1914-1964) a tree was planted near a building where NTD is now in. It was removed due to a road being built on the site.

Barbara Palmento, Class of 1968 said “That tree was a friendly tree.”



Ian Spence from BBA, Ben Brong Academy found and saved a Class Tree “1957” sign. The stone was broken.

Incidentally, it was Joseph Simons who collected money for the class to purchase class tree to replace the one they have planted in 1938.  The tree is Golden Locust and is planted near the Boatner Building.







Heavy and Strong Metal blue sign with silver print


The Class of Tree planted near the teacher’s dining room. It comes out late in spring, but when the flowers open they enjoy their fragrance.


1928 Class Tree History

Ivy Plants were killed in winter.


ASD Tree History
Buckeye Tree, Native Ohio,
not native here in New England.




ASD Tree History
Planted in 1938.


In memory of a student, Phyllis Circulo

ASD Tree History American Elm, ASD’s first oldest tree on the campus.

Once upon a time, ASD had two rows of beautiful American Elm trees lining the entrance and exit driveways. Unfortunately all died but except one from a disease. Yet, an American Elm tree still exists. It is growing near a curve of the road next to the Laurent Clerc Dormitory. In 1960, it had a disease and
had to be cut down, somehow it sprouted alive and remains one of the oldest tree on ASD campus.

ASD’s one of two oldest trees, still alive.

ASD’s one of two oldest trees, still alive

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