Did you Know?
How many brothers and sisters did Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet have?

12 brothers and sisters, and he was the oldest.

One of his brothers, Peter Gallaudet, told Thomas that a daughter of Mason Cogswell's who lived in the neighborhood is deaf. Thomas met her in his father's garden, and while watching her, he felt so sorry that he wanted to do something for her. If not for Alice Cogswell, we wonder what the consequences would have been for deaf people.
The Causes of Deafness –What Medical Words did they use  in the 1800 and early 1900’s?
Fits Scarlet fever Congenital Scrofulous eruptions in ear Parents are cousins Spotted fever Whooping cough in infancy Measles Fall  Fall and subsequent illness Brain fever Sores in the head Cholera infanbum Cerebro spinal meningitis Sal-rhenny in head Sickness Brain & catarrhal fever Disease in the head Hereditary Bilions and catarrhal fever Canker sach Typhoid fever Sickness & powerful medicine Discharge in the ear Being poisoned by a toy Diphtheria Chicken pox Inflammation of brain Ulcers in the head Dropsy on the brain Fever and abscesses in head Lung fever or Bronchitis
Did you know that Granddaughter used her grandmother Sophia Fowler Gallaudet’s wedding dress?
Alice Trumbull Sparhawk, one of Sophia Fowler Gallaudet’s granddaughters wore Sophia Fowler Gallaudet’s wedding dress on her own wedding in 1947. Sophia Fowler was born near the town of Guilford, CT in 1798. Born deaf, Sophia did not attend school until the age of 19, as one of the first students to enroll at the American School for the Deaf in 1817. She continued her studies until the Spring of 1821 and short, after, she married Thomas H. Gallaudet. This is the dress and shoes she wore on her wedding day – August 29, 1821.
Handicap Labels - What were used to identify students who weren’t intelligent in the 1800’s and early 1900’s ?
Idiotic Idiot Feeble Incapacity Dumb Imbecile Not deaf, idiotic  Feeble minded Too young and feeble Deranged Illegitimate Too old to learn Left in consequence of ill health and partial derangement For want of intellect Deaf-mute Mental derangement  Uneducated deaf-mutes Partially deaf Somewhat deaf  Hears imperfectly Weak minded 
Did you know that Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet was honored in a vault at the Library of Congress?
The Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Building In one of the corridors of the Congressional Library is a series of paintings representing ‘Education’ and in the mosaic of the ceiling coves are five famous educators, HOWE, MANN, ARNOLD and SPENCER, of which GALLAUDET is one. The penetrations in the vault above the paintings contain the surnames of distinguished men of education throughout the world. On the south side, above the columns and arches lending to the Great Hall, they are: HOWE, GALLAUDET, MANN, ARNOLD, and SPENCER. It is the North Corridor – First Floor – Family and Education are major themes in the corridor, which is located behind the north staircase in the Great Hall in The Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Building.

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