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Brewster, John Jr.

John Brewster, Jr. Left 1820

Student #6 – 2006 Hall of Fame Excellence 


Mr. John Brewster, Jr. was a well respected portrait artist in the early to mid 1800’s. He studied painting with the Rev. Joseph Steward, a friend and fellow paster of Rev. Mason Fitch Cogswell, in the 1790’s. He traveled throughout New England and eastern New York State in pursuit of his craft. After considerable success, at the age of 51 he enrolled in the first class of students at the American School. for the Deaf in 1817. He was the oldest student in the seven member class, whose average age was nineteen. John Brewster is regarded as one of the key figures in the Connecticut style of American fold portraiture.

Eastman, Dr. Gilbert Charles
Dr. Gilbert Charles Eastman Class of 1952

Student #3752 – 2006 Hall of Fame Excellence

Dr. Gilbert Eastman graduated from A.S.D. in 1952 and served as professor in the Theatre Arts Department at Gallaudet University from 1957 to he retiring in 1992. He was one of the founding members of the National Theatre of the Deaf which was established in 1969. He worked as an actor, stage manager, translator and/or director for more than 50 plays and as a host of “Deaf Mosaic”. He was the author of “From Mime to Sign”, “Just a Deaf Person’s Thoughts II”, and “Laurent Clerc; A Profile”. He received an honorary doctorate degree of Fine Arts from Gallaudet University in May 2002.
Ingerson, Robert Donald, Jr. 
Robert Donald Ingerson, Jr.  – Class of 1970

Student #3752 – 2006 Hall of Fame Excellence

He graduated from ASD in 1970. After graduation, Robert enrolled in a series of workshops to enhance his vocational skills. In June of 1986, Robert was hired by the Karabin family, owners of Acme Monaco Corporation, where he worked for 20 years and had a perfect attendance record. In the year 2000, he was nominated by his employer and was awarded the “Employee of the Year” at the 1th Annual New Britain National Disability Employment Awareness day ceremony.
LaRoche, Donald Andre
Donald Andre LaRoche  – Class of 1961

Student #3752 – 2006 Hall of Fame Excellence

He was a great leader in the Deaf Community serving as an officer for deaf associations. He excelled professionally, working for Pratt & Whitney for 30 years and serving as the supervisor of the Inspection Department for the last 15 years of his tenure. He fights for the deaf civil rights has been a defining passion in his life.
Norwood, Dr. Malcolm J.
Dr. Malcolm J. Norwood  Class of 1943

Student #3752 – 2006 Hall of Fame Excellence

Dr. Malcolm J. Norwood graduated from A.S.D. in 1943 and Gallaudet University in 1949. He then went on to teach at the Texas School for the Deaf, the American School for the Deaf, and at the West Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. He became the first professional to join the U.S. Office of Education in 1960. He was Chief of Media Services and Captioned Films for the Deaf when he retired.

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