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Crowe, Thomas

Thomas Crowe

Class of 1939

Student #3499 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


Thomas was a talented athlete in football, basketball, and baseball. In baseball, he played at third base and was the leading hitter for four years. Thomas started many double plays, from Crowe to Sallai to Donahue. In football, he was a running halfback, and in a game against NJSD, he made two touchdowns and intercepted the opponent’s forward passes. In basketball, he was an all-around player and captained the 1939 ASD, basketball team.


Cyr, Donald

Donald Cyr

Class of 1940

Student #3399 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


Donald started as a halfback, but after an injury against the Kingswood School, Coach Rockwell decided to put him on left tackle. He played outstanding defense against Fanwood and Mt. Airy. Donald was also a one-person show against Admiral Billard Academy, the most powerful team ASD had ever played against. He gave his full measure of hard and spiritual play in all games. He also was a great basketball player.


Greco, Sebastian

Sebastian Greco

Class of 1950

Student #3659 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


Sebby was known as a great basketball player. He did most of his shooting from 3 different positions, and in playing games, if he got the ball at any one of the positions, he would shoot the ball, thereby becoming ASD’s sharpshooter. Sebby also made points from other positions and was always an aggressive player. He also excelled in football as running halfback. He was one of Coach Jack Wise’s great athletes.


Peterson, Arvilla

Arvilla Peterson (m. Kennedy)

Class of 1944

Student #3507 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


Arvilla was a scholar-athlete who excelled in the classroom as well as on the basketball court. She was always a hustler for the girls’ team. An all-around basketball player, she captained the girls’ basketball team in her senior year. She also excelled as a tennis player and was an excellent archer.


Simons, Mary Louise

Mary Louise Simons (m. White)

 Class of 1947

Student #3575 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


One of Coach Beth Wetherbee’s all-time picks for basketball, Mary excelled both at defense and offense. As a defensive player, most of the time, and when necessary to beat the opponent, she played offensively to pile up points. Coach Beth used Mary as a role model for newcomers after many of ASD’s great players had graduated.


Frith, Edward George

Edward George Frith – Class of 1954

Student #3859 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


When Edward was a young boy, he did not participate in any sports because he was very skinny. When he volunteered as the manager for all sports, Coach Jack Wise noticed Edward physically growing more muscular. His balance had improved considerably, and the ability to play all sports. He became the co-captain of the football team in 1953. He was an outstanding football end, a good defense, and a super blocker on offense. He was also an exceptional scorer in basketball besides Frank Rarus. He was named to the Frat’s All-American football honorable mention team as a lineman in 1952 and the second defense team of the National Observer All-American football team in 1953. The “Southerner,” a deaf publication in North Carolina in 1952, also named him to the All-American Honorable mention team as football end for the Schools for the Deaf. He was inducted into the New England Athletic Association of the Deaf (NEAAD) Softball Hall of Fame in 1992.


Jones, Mary Louise

Mary Louise Jones

 Class of 1959

Student #3905 – 2001 Athletic Hall of Fame


Mary was an all-around athlete, and during the years she was at ASD, no outside competition was played, and all were intramural sports. In basketball, she was a natural and won every game. She was best at playing tennis, and no one could beat her. Her role model was Althea Gibson, the first black woman professional tennis player to win the Wimbledon tournament and having met her became lasting friends.


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