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Diot, Barbara May

Barbara May Diot (m. Krostoski)

Class of 1950

Student #3672 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Barbara was an outstanding ASD athlete. She played basketball for four years (1946-1950); and served as co-captain and captain. She also played softball for three years (1947-1950), when ASD’s softball team competed with hearing schools. A natural leader, Barbara, along with Helen (Weller) Dardis, Kathleen (McCollum) Griffin, Betty (Spellman) Dunn, Sandra (Kohler) Kraut, and Diane Church, set up the cheerleading group during her first year at ASD.


Doucette, Reno Wilfred

Reno Wilfred Doucette

Class of 1954

Student #4126 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Reno Doucette was the second Player of the Month selected by ASD coaches because of his fighting spirit and key tackles during games. During a match with New York School for the Deaf, he saved ASD from being beaten by stopping several threats of first downs and touchdowns. He was elected All-American in 1953. He played right tackle in football and was noted for his defense. The 185-pound stellar guard made four key tackles. Known as the “IRON MAN,” he never missed a play, offense, or defense. He was an outstanding defensive stalwart with all offensive backs sharing the glory.


Larson, Betty Ann

Betty Ann Larson (m. Blanchard)

Class of 1952

Student #3825 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Betty was the quietest girl in class, but she was a star in basketball. She was a shorter player for basketball and a forward. Betty was a speedy player and skilled at stealing the ball. She always put the team’s success first and was known for her excellent teamwork. Betty never hesitated to pass the ball to other players to help ASD win a game. Betty always focused on TEAMWORK, and because of her influence, the other players did, too.


McGill, John "Jack"

John “Jack” McGill


Coach – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


John McGill began coaching football at ASD in 1955. He was a skilled and effective coach and an outstanding physical education instructor. John served as the official timekeeper for the ESDAA basketball tournaments and acquired much information on the playing style of championship team players. By analyzing the players, he was able to help strengthen the ASD team. He was an essential part of our athletic teams’ success during his years at ASD.


Osgood, Richard "Ricky" Thomas

Richard “Ricky” Thomas Osgood

Class of 1963

Student #4453 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Ricky was an All-American star in three different sports: football, basketball, and baseball. He was co-captain of the varsity football and varsity basketball teams and was a fine athlete and fearless player in any sport. During a football game against NYSD Fanwood, Ricky helped ASD win with his athleticism. The game ended at 38 to 6, which the Tigers scored two more quickies on Ricky’s 28-yard run on an intercepted pass. He received an outstanding football sportsmanship trophy for his excellent sportsmanship, leadership, and exceptional play during the season. Ricky was also one of the best pitchers in ASD history as well as an outstanding basketball player.


Peterson, Paul

Paul Peterson


Coach – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Paul was the founder of the ASD Midget Football team and coached the team for eight fun and productive years. After learning how to play football under Paul’s guidance, the little boys grew into excellent players for ASD’s Junior Varsity and Varsity football teams. Paul also served as wrestling coach for Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Elementary teams for 13 years. Thanks to Paul’s coaching, ASD star wrestler Angel Rivera went on to compete in the Deaf Olympics.


Rivera, Angelo Dimas

Angelo Dimas Rivera

Class of 1961

Student #4373 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Angelo Rivera was an outstanding wrestler during his four years at ASD. He enrolled at ASD in the fall of 1957 with no wrestling experience at all. By the end of his first-year wrestling, he demonstrated remarkable skills. During the 2nd Annual Eastern States Schools for the Deaf Wrestling Tournament, Angel won a gold medal against much older and more experienced wrestlers. Having natural skills, he was a fast learner. At the 3rd ESSD Wrestling Tournament in 1960, he won second place and first in the state tournament – the first time ASD won first place on the state level. He lost only four matches in his four years competing. He was co-captain of the wrestling team in 1960 and 1961. In 1961, he participated in the World Deaf Games in Helsinki, Finland. Despite being a high school wrestler, he placed fourth place against the much older wrestlers in Helsinki. He participated in the USA Roman-Greco style in the 1973 World Deaf Games. He won a gold medal in the National Master Wrestling Tournament at the University of Pennsylvania in 1985 and the AAU Wrestling Tournament in 1988. After 27 years, he finally retired as a wrestler. He was a volunteer coach with the University of Pennsylvania wrestling team for twenty years and the PSAD wrestling team for four years. He deserves to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame.


Shepard, John Edward

John Edward Shepard

Class of 1955

Student #3869 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


John is the third member of the class of ’55 to be enshrined in the ASDAA Hall of Fame. Of the three, John was the most versatile athlete, as he was involved in all the sports (football, basketball, and baseball). John was patient and dedicated and strived to be the best he could be in all sports. He spent long hours of practice on the football field as a running halfback as well defensive halfback. Weekends at ASD found him on the basketball court for hours, shooting baskets and tuning his defensive skills. He was a marvelous first baseman and a good hitter, with an average hovering around .300.

Weighing only 150 pounds, he played as a halfback during his junior and senior years at Gallaudet University. The coaches were impressed by his work ethic enough to give him a lot of playing time. He was also on the wrestling team and did well. After graduating from Gallaudet, he played basketball and softball for the Greater Hartford Club of the Deaf for many years.

For his tremendous athletic skills of days long ago, John joined the elite Class of 1955 inductees Frank A. Rarus and Albert W. Darby in the ASDAA Athletic Hall of Fame.


Smith, Beatrice

Beatrice Smith (m. Desrosier)

Class of 1951

Student #3723 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


Beatrice learned to play basketball from her brother. She played on the ASD basketball team from 1946-1950 and was the tallest female player. Beatrice was an excellent forward and an outstanding player. The other players passed the ball to her with confidence, knowing that she would make the baskets. She was known for her excellent teamwork and dedication to the team. Her goal was always to help the team win.


Sugiyama, William "Bill" Tadao

William “Bill” Tadao Sugiyama 

Class of 1954

Student #4104 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame

Although William Sugiyama entered ASD in 1950 without previous football experience, he became the first captain to lead the ASD eleven for two successive seasons. Despite his slight stature, the smiling, Hawaiian-bred senior first learned the defensive role and then was placed in the fullback slot. Later he was placed at quarterback by Coaches Rockwell and Shirley. Coach Rockwell had high praise for Bill’s field generalship, which made the most of limited reserves, and his cooperativeness and a good influence on the players. He was a fleet scatback and a dangerous passer and took the hard knocks of heavier opponents without complaint. He was ASD’s 1953 football leader. Bill also excelled in basketball game and was the high scorer for ASD.


Taglia, John Anthony

John Anthony Taglia

Class of 1960

Student #4241 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame


John played three different sports: football, basketball, and baseball. He was an outstanding athlete in all three sports but was genuinely excellent in basketball and baseball. On the ASD baseball team, he was both pitcher and third baseman. His team played against hearing schools. On the basketball team, he was a leader, and Coach Oscar Shirley greatly appreciated John’s control of his team. John’s basketball team was called the “Flying Tigers.” They took a lofty 16-1 season’s record into the tournament, the last 14 being straight wins. Thanks to John and the other players, the ASD basketball team won the Eastern States Schools for the Deaf championship at the 28th annual tournament in February 1960. It was the first time ASD won the championship since the 1930s, and the “Flying Tigers” winning streak was the longest in ASD History.


Vinci, Ernesto Guy

Ernesto Guy Vinci

Class of 1938

Student #3291 – 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame

Ernesto Vinci was an excellent football player, used as a defensive end at left end. He was known as the most improved player on the team. He had not been a strong player the year before, but he became a valuable player with hard work and commitment. He played a steady, and at times flashy, game and went through the so-called drudgery of clearing the way that won the commendation of many observers. He was always one of the first to show up for practice and was never content to rest during those infrequent lulls in drills but insisted on joining another squad being sent through their paces in some far corner of the field. He deserved to be recognized by the Athletic Hall of Fame.


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