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Brackett, Basil Owen

Basil Owen Brackett

Class of 1960

Student #4351 – 2017 Achievement Hall of Fame


Basil was very involved in the following associations, where he has shown true leadership for many years: the New England Deaf Senior Citizens, the New England Deaf Bowler Association, the Eastern Deaf Bowler Association, the COOSD Association and the Connecticut Association for the Deaf. He was Chairman and Treasurer of the most significant events: the National Deaf Bowler Association, the AAAD Softball Tournament, and New England Bowler Association Tournament. In 2018, he was the Chairman of the New England Deaf Senior Association in Connecticut.


Cogswell, Dr. Mason Fitch

Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell  Honorary

ASD Founder –  2017 Achievement Hall of Fame


Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell’s youngest daughter, Alice, became deaf at age two, and he sought to find educational opportunities for her. He raised funds to send Thomas H. Gallaudet to Europe to learn their methods of teaching the deaf and was instrumental in supporting the founding of ASD, the first school for the deaf in North America, in which his daughter became the first pupil.


Gallaudet, Reverand Thomas Hopkins

Reverand Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet Honorary

ASD Founder – 2017 Achievement Hall of Fame


Rev. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet’s life changed when he met Alice Cogswell, the deaf daughter of his neighbors, Dr. & Mrs. Mason Cogswell. He traveled to Europe to study methods for teaching the deaf and brought back Laurent Clerc, a deaf educator in Paris. Together, they established the first school for the deaf in North America which later became known as the American School for the Deaf. Thomas H. Gallaudet is regarded as the most influential person in the history of Deaf education in America.

Palmento, Barbara Claire

Barbara Claire Palmento

Class of 1968

Student #4139 – 2017 Achievement Hall of Fame


Barbara graduated from ASD in 1968 and from Gallaudet University in 1972. She taught for 34 years at the North Carolina School for the Deaf and was chosen as Teacher of the Year in 2007. Her acts of excellence included as a member and Secretary of the North Carolina Association of the Deaf, Director of the Advisory Board for Big Brothers and Sisters, Inc., the Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community, and Board Director of Cable T.V.



Backofen, Robert Grey

Robert Grey Backofen

Class of 1969


Student #4835 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Robert won the 1 mile and 880-yard dash in Track & Field during his junior and senior years in all meets. He is the record holder at ASD in the 1 mile run at 4:41 and the 880-yard dash at 2:06. In the First National All-American team, he ranked 1st in the high school mile run.


Barham, Beverly Denise

Beverly Denise Barham (m. Boateng)

Class of 1974


Student #4538 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Beverly was the 4-time basketball team Captain during her years at ASD and was the best defensive player and rebounder. She was the 1973 Homecoming Queen and in the cheerleading squad for one year. Beverly served as Vice President and Secretary in the Girls Athletic Association Club for two years. Also, she earned an orange “A” letter into the Athletic Hall of Fame. 

Bianco, Alice

Alice Bianco

Class of 1972


Student #5095 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Alice was a sharpshooter, an All-Round player in basketball, and an All-Round player in softball in 1969; she won the All-Star Award in 1970 and the ASD best Athletic Award in 1971. 


Biskupiak, Daniel Chester

Daniel Chester Biskupiak

Class of 1979


Student #4645 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Daniel was named the Football Offensive Player of the Week in 1976-78, All-Round Player in 1976-78, All-Round Player of the Week in 1977-78, plus Top Tackler with 22 tackles and in Frat’s All-American 1st Team and 2nd Team in 1977-79. He did well in basketball, winning the 1978-79 ESDAA first and second All-Star Championship teams, scoring over 800 points, 800 assists, and 800 rebounds. 


Berrigan, Tony Edmund

Tony Edmund Berrigan

Class of 1994


Student #5551 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Tony and his soccer team won the 1991-93 National Championships, the ESDAA Championships in 1992-93, and the All-American Team with a two-time undefeated season (11-0-3 in 1991) and (14-0 in 1993). He won the 1993-94 ESDAA All-Star and the All-American Team Championships in basketball after scoring 1,125 career points and 36 points against MSSD. In addition to soccer and basketball, Tony also won the Track and Field in the 1992-94 ESDAA Championship, the 1994 National Championship, and the 1993-94 All-American Team. He still is the record holder in the high jump and triple jump. 


Giordano, Joe

Joe Giordano



Coach – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Joe Giordano won the National Basketball Coach of the Year Award twice in 1974 and 1979; the ESDAA Basketball Championship in 1979. He was a Reading teacher and Physical Instructor for nine years at ASD. 


Hobbs, Lewis Robert

Lewis Robert Hobbs

Class of 1966


Student #4202 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame


Lewis was the 3-time wrestling team Captain and one of the greatest wrestlers in ASD history, having competed in the Connecticut Wrestling State Championship three times and was placed 2nd in all of the championship games. In addition to wrestling, he was a Captain of the football team.  


Imme, Nicholas "Nick" Jon

Nicholas “Nick” Jon Imme – Class of 1965

Student #4073 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

Nick Imme was named the Football Frat’s 2nd Team All-American MVP Running Back with nine touchdowns in 5 games. In basketball, he led the team in high scoring during his senior year.

Laaser, Reinhard

Reinhard Laaser – Class of 1975

Student #4747 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

Reinhard was the Football Team Captain where he was the best kicker, an excellent defensive and offensive lineman. In 1975, he won the New England Prep Championship as First Team in ASD’s history. Reinhard was the Wrestling Team Captain and won the Interscholastic Wrestling Tournament. He received the Hugh Pachard Trophy for the most pins and least amount of time on the mat. In Track & Field, he was an excellent shot putter and discus thrower.

McDevitt, Wilmonda

Wilmonda McDevitt – Class of 1990

Student #5459 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

Wilmonda and her team won the 1988 ESDAA Volleyball Championship, the 1988-89 ESDAA All-Star, and the 1989 All-American Championships. In basketball, she was the 1988-89 ESDAA All-Star and the 1990 All-American. She was the 1st player to make 3-pt during the 1987 ESDAA tourney when American high schools adopted the 3-pt line nationally and scored 32 points in 50-48 (4 overtime) victory against Austine School for the Deaf. In addition to volleyball, she was named the Softball 1988-90 All-American. She threw no-hitter and 11 strikeouts against Southern Catholic, winning the game by 16-0. Again, she threw no-hitter & 12 strikeouts against Masters, winning the match by 13-3. Her all-time high was 14 strikeouts, and she went 5 for 5 (4 singles & 1 double) in another game against Masters, ending in a 16-3 win.

McLennon, Ruth Sandra

Ruth Sandra McLennon – Class of 1974

Student #4506 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

As a freshman at ASD, Sandy, in the 1971 Junior AAU Olympics for long jump in Track & Field, jumped 17 ft. and ½ inch. In 1973, she received the Connecticut Championship Long Jump Award and the Kiwanis Aids Athletic Player Award. She was the only girl in all Boys’ Track & Field teams where she broke the school record in the long jump of 16 feet and 45/64 inches. In 1974, she was the Girls Athletic Association President, Secretary, and SBG Representative. She received the Best Athletic Player of the Year Award.

Pratt, Edward

Edward Pratt – Class of 1969

Student #4896 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

Edward Pratt received the ASD Certificate award in football. In 1968-69, he won the All-Stars Tournament Championship and, in 1968, the All-American Championship in basketball. In Track & Field, he won 1st place in the 880 yards relay, 2nd place in the 220 yards dash in 1969.

Ritchie, Kevin Robert

Kevin Robert Ritchie – Class of 1973

Student #4985 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

Kevin won the 1972 Football National Championship. In basketball, he averaged 21 points in his senior year and scored 39 points in a game against Putnam Catholic. He won the ESDAA first-team All-Star, and 2nd team All-American Championships. 

Wetzel, Donald G.

Donald G. Wetzel – Class of 1945

Student #3565 – 2017 Athletic Hall of Fame

In 1946, Donald ran in the Cross-Country team for one year at Gallaudet College; he was the first alumni from ASD to participate in the 1953 World Games of the Deaf in Brussels, Belgium, where he won a medal in basketball. In addition to cross-country, he also played basketball and track & tennis. 

He played badminton from 1989 to 2014 and won 7 gold and five silver medals at the Connecticut Senior Citizens Badminton Tournament.



Louis Rivas, Ex. 1974 – Chair
Bonnie May Snow, 1963 – Secretary
Alexandra”Sandra” McGee, 1973 – ASD Liaison


2017 – Jeanne Magnon (1972), Beverly Barham (1974), Mike Rose (1978)
Jennifer Stafford, 1983 – HOF Guideline Editor
Alan Stein, 1958 – Senior Steering Committee
Mark Hughey, 1974 – Researcher
Edward Buell, 1945 – Senior Advisor
Donald LaRoche, 1961 – Advisor
Jane Golightly, 1964 – ASDAA Board Representative


Mike Rose, 1978 – Chair
Sandra McLennon, 1974 -ASDAA Board Representative
Anthony J. DiNicola, 1980 – Nomination Committee
Jeanne Magnon, 1972 – Nomination Committee
Charlene Trumpetto, 1970 – Nomination Committee

Martha Heron – WEB Designer
Hugh Farquhar, 1960 – Media Co-Chair
Tony Berrigan, 1994 – Media Co-Chair
Nellie Noschese – Powerpoint Slideshow
Marsha L. Wetzel, 1979 – HOF Website/HOF Guideline
Jesse J. Bailey, 1986 – Awards Chair

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