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Lim, Chin Heng

Chin Heng Lim

Class of 1970

Student #4967 – 2014 Achievement Hall of Fame


Chin Heng Lim graduated from ASD in June 1970 and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Gallaudet University in 1975. At Gallaudet, he learned to develop leadership skills which he put to good use back home in Singapore. Chin was a resource teacher for the Deaf in Upper Sera Ngoon Secondary, where he taught the students to use Total Communication. These teaching methods helped the students to understand their lessons more efficiently. Not only that, Chin helped to expand the Singapore Association of the Deaf and was responsible for setting up a resource library for the association. By forming the Deaf Access Committee, he broke barriers for the deaf, including conducting sign language classes and workshops. He was instrumental in setting up a sign language dictionary. As an outstanding Deaf citizen, he had been a trailblazer for the Deaf in Singapore and was personally responsible for many of the changes for the Deaf community that occurred over the years. 


Marino, Anna (m. Fronczek)

Anna Marino (m. Fronczek)

 Class of 1919

Student #2886 – 2014 Achievement Hall of Fame


Anna established the Hartford Branch of the National Association of the Deaf in 1937, to ensure that Deaf people could keep their legal rights to drive autos. She was the key person who spoke at the first meeting about the necessity of this organization. As the “first Deaf woman” hired to work at one of the well-known insurance companies in Hartford, she paved the career path for other Deaf women during WWI and WWII. In 1939, the Connecticut Association of the Deaf (CAD) was organized to encourage Deaf people to join and voice their concerns and rights; however, this caused the Hartford Branch of N.A.D. to fold out. Undaunted, Anna continued to promote CAD’s mission with enthusiasm. In 1978, she gave her first Secretary CAD book, asking that it be treasured as an essential item of ASD’s history (now in the Cogswell Historical House for preservation.) Anna was also involved in the National Fraternal Society of the Deaf, the first insurance company of the Deaf established in 1901 as the Treasurer of the Hartford Chapter of NFSD, which closed in 2010. She was proud of her Italian heritage and cared deeply for any Deaf cause.


Walker, Patricia "Patty" Ann (m. Golebiewski)

Patricia “Patty” Ann Walker (m. Golebiewski)

Class of 1964

Student #3941 – 2014 Achievement Hall of Fame


After graduating in 1964, Patty was employed at the Edward Malley Company as a fashion illustrator and did the artwork for a local newspaper, the “New Haven Register,” for over ten years and three years as a freelance artist while she was on maternity leave. Patty’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious, as was her ability to help ASD She had taught art classes as a volunteer at the school for years, showing students how to draw and create art. Patty felt it was important that the students learned to express themselves. She was always accommodating when other teachers asked for help to draw pictures for their classes. It was a joy for her to work with students and staff every day. She also designed a monopoly “ASD History” game, the school’s Christmas cards, a cookbook cover, and Isola Bella’s iconic entrance sign. Patty’s most outstanding design was the school mascot, a tiger hugging the cupola. This design displayed and reminded of ASD’s cherished memories and was also printed on sweatshirts and posters for fundraising purposes.


Fenner, Shirley

Shirley Fenner (m. Turner)

Class of 1965

Student #4080 – 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame


Shirley was born and raised in New Haven, CT. She attended ASD at a young age and grew up to be an outstanding basketball player. Shirley played as a center and was able to steal away many balls and score many points for the girls’ ASD basketball team. It was challenging for the players to get to the ball from Shirley as she was 6’1″ tall. During one season, the girls’ basketball team was successful in winning seven games and losing three. This season would not have been successful without the help of Shirley with her good passing and as a true team player. She loved playing basketball and was always very cheerful.


Macner, Mary Emily

Mary Emily Macner (m. Pollard)

Class of 1968

Student #4429 – 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame


Mary Macner was born in Poland and immigrated to the United States of America in 1959 at 11. She was enrolled at the American School for the Deaf in February 1959 and quickly became well known for her athletic prowess. As a freshman, Mary became a member of the girls’ basketball team and continued her leading role throughout her years at ASD. She was selected as the basketball team captain in her junior and senior years. Being a multi-sport player, Mary was the badminton champion and was the Co-captain of the softball team in her freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years. After graduation from ASD in 1968, Mary went on to play basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and badminton at Gallaudet University and was a perennial badminton champion. After graduating from Gallaudet, she competed in cross country and alpine skiing and as a cross country skier in the Deaf Olympics at Lake Placid, New York, in 1975. Mary now lives in Silver Springs, Maryland, working for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, bowling, and spending family time with her grandchildren.


Stone Jr., Raymond Dewey

Raymond Dewey Stone, Jr.

Class of 1966

Student #4045 – 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame


Raymond (aka Ray) was born and raised in West Hartford, CT. He attended ASD from Kindergarten to High School and obtained his diploma in June 1966. He had to leave his “second home,” but his spirit always remained here upon graduation. Ray had participated in many sports, for which he received praise and encouragement from his coaches and parents as he was a lad of action. During his high school years at ASD, he played football, basketball, and track. His mother, Filomena Flamino, also received the Athletic Hall of Fame award in 1935 at ASD. 


Ray proposed that a new track team be established at ASD. He strongly encouraged all boys to participate. The track team was founded by Mr. Richard Dirst, a former ASD teacher and coach. The first track practice was held in one early spring. He started practicing his jumps in the old gym, using floor mats for approximately three months before the first game in June. On the day of the first meet, he remembered that the weather was perfect for his jump. He had the combined speed, strength, and agility in his attempt to leap as far as possible from the take-off point. After he made his first jump, he made his personal best jump record of 20 feet and 11 1/4 inches. This record has not been broken for over 48 years. Ray had chosen Richard Golebiewski to relate this piece of history because he had witnessed the jump that he made on that day. Richard was a part of the track team as a manager during that year.


West, Harold Joseph

Harold Joseph West

Class of 1966

Student #4308 – 2014 Athletic Hall of Fame


Harold West was born in Massachusetts and raised in West Hartford, CT. Dr. Edmund B. Boatner, former ASD Executive Director, and his wife, Maxine Boatner, adopted and raised Harold. He grew up at the American School for the Deaf from kindergarten to high school until June 1966. Harold was a strong boy, quick to learn all the blocks, hold, reverses, and tricks in wrestling that his coach David Halberg taught him. He was one of the best wrestlers, always counted on by his coach to win almost all of his matches.


Chairperson: David Lawrence, ’65


Chairperson: Louis Rivas, Ex ’74

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