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Antila, Heimo Ilmari

Heimo Ilmari Antila

Class of 1929

Student #3213 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


A native of Massachusetts, Heimo Ilmari Antila, known as “the Hun,” played excellent basketball at ASD from 1926 to 1929. He was the playmaker on the 1929 basketball team that won the grueling round-robin deaf basketball tournament at Fredrick, Maryland. After graduating from ASD, he attended Gallaudet College. 


We are privileged to induct Heimo Antila into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame. Heimo made himself an all-around athlete and captained the 1932 football and 1934 basketball teams. An avid sports fan and a strong supporter of ASD and Gallaudet College sports teams, he never lost touch with his alma mater – ASD.

Bouchard, Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams Bouchard

Class of 1915

Student #2794 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


As legend has it, Joseph W. Bouchard always respected Walter Rockwell’s athletic abilities. Mr. Bouchard’s generation labeled him as one of ASD’s noted athletes. Mr. Bouchard excelled in football and basketball at ASD. During his years at Gallaudet College, he was a member of the football, basketball, and track & field teams. He was named on Frederick Hughes’s own all-time Gallaudet College football and basketball teams. 


It is with honor that Joseph Bouchard is inducted into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame. While coaching the ASD boys’ basketball team, his 1929 team won the Eastern States Schools for the Deaf Tournament. Mr. Bouchard was instrumental in building ASD’s first matched-size gymnasium, now part of the old gym.

Kelley, Harold James

Harold James Kelley

Class of 1925 (Left school)

Student #3122 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


Harry J. Kelly was a household name in the Waterbury area. He excelled in any sport in which he participated. A natural athlete, he would play in any position in any sport and excel in every game. 


A leader who inspired others to do their best was Harry’s trademark. From 1924 to 1927, ASD was noted with excellent teams in football and basketball in the greater Hartford area. When Harry completed his studies as a student at ASD, many silent and hearing clubs sought after him to play basketball, baseball, and softball on their team for many years. It is an honor to induct Harry Kelly into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame.

Marino, Anna Marie (m. Fronczak)

Anna Marie Marino (m. Fronczak)

Class of 1919

Student #2886 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame

Anna Marie Marino (m. Fronczak) was very active in ASD sports. She began as a member of the ASD women’s basketball team and later became a coach. Anna proved to the school administration that sports were not only for boys. Anna was a pioneer in organizing sports for girls, and she was a member of the first ASD group to play competitive sports with hearing high schools and Y.W.C.A. girls. The ASD Alumni Association is happy to induct Anna Marino (m. Fronczak) into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame.

Martino, Raphaelena "Rae" (m. DeRose)

Raphaelena “Rae” Martino (m. DeRose)

Class of 1927

Student #3314 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


Rae Martino (m. DeRose) was a great all-around athlete, a leader, a playmaker, and an inspiring woman. Whichever sport she participated in, she performed very well. Her schoolmates had unanimously agreed that she was one of the greatest female athletes of her generation. Recordkeeping in her day was inadequate, but our information has shown us her outstanding ability as a female athlete. The ASD Alumni Association is happy to enshrine Rae Martino (m. DeRose) into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame.

Maulucci, Mary (m. Zack)

Mary Maulucci (m. Zack)

Class of 1931

Student #3174 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


Mary Maulucci (m. Zack) was Rae Martino (m. DeRose)’s understudy. She took over where Rae left off. Mary was a great athlete, agile and quick. A fighter to the end and a team leader. Losing a game was unheard of in her day. In 1931 her basketball team was undefeated, winning all 19 games. They were all winning years while Mary was at ASD. Mary was truly a great athlete. We are proud to induct Mary Maulucci into the 1989 ASD Athletic Hall of Fame.


Two youths narrowly escaped drowning Saturday in March when pinned beneath an overturned utility truck in a small pond near Brown Street in Bloomfield, CT. Mary saved two boys, aged 14 and 9, from drowning. She was the first person to reach the scene of the accident. She helped hold the heads of the boys above water until additional help arrived. The boys were then pulled to safety. Only the youngest suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Rockwell, Walter Clinton

Walter Clinton Rockwell

Class of 1909

Student #2693 – 1989 Athletic Hall of Fame


Walter Clinton Rockwell is the most famous athlete to come out of the “Old Hartford.” Many believed Walter paved the way for the Deaf to participate with hearing people in any sports. He was a leader and playmaker that inspired his generation to excel in sports competition and is considered the most outstanding all-around athlete at Gallaudet College (now Gallaudet University). He received an offer to play with the Philadelphia Athletics, but he turned it down because he preferred to play with deaf athletes. As a coach, between 1935-1941, his teams were considered the best in Hartford County. As an ASD alumnus, we have Walter Rockwell’s name inducted first into the ASD Athletic Hall of Fame.



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